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Appreciation Across Campus

Have you ever wanted to show appreciation and recognition to your coworkers but couldn't come up with an new fun idea . We are compiling ideas and photos of unique and creative ways others are showing appreciation and recognition across campus. If you have ideas, traditions, or events that you have successfully held, we want to hear from you and post your photos. Email your photos to for your team to be featured below

Late Night Appreciation

Monday night the STAR team was at it again. This time visiting and bringing snacks and hot beverages to WVU employee from the Towers, CPASS, and Recreation Center who work the late shift. They wanted to make sure that those who we do not always see on a daily basis know that the work they do is appreciated.
Group photo of star team with late shift employees Group photo of star team with late shift employees Group photo of star team with late shift employees breakfast snaks, coffe and hot cocoa packets for late night shift employees

Go Be Thankful image

Thanksgiving is next week and now is the perfect time to get in the spirit and show your appreciation to your staff. Campus Recreation and Adventure WV came together to celebrate and give thanks with a Thanksgiving potluck for all of there staff and GA's.

                          Animated trurkey   Campus recreation and Adventure WV potluck  Animated trurkey

National Boss's Day: A Huge Success!!

National Boss's day falls annually on October 16th. This year we showed how much we cared by surprising leaders across campus with singing telegrams performed by our student organization, "Take Me Home A Capella".
The Take Me Home A Capella group posing for a picture with President Gee affter they sang to him.

Others showed their appreciation by presenting leaders with heartfelt cards and others by decorating their leader's offices.
Balloons decorated like Storm Troopers and a picture of Darth Vader. Wizard of Oz theme for boss's day. A yellow brick road leading to the wizards crtain and withces feet. Boss's Day Cookie Cake Sharon Martin Collage

National Custodial Workers Appreciation Day

Yesterday (10/2/19) was National Custodial Workers Appreciation Day. Talent and Culture wanted to recognize Britnee and Derrick and let them know how important they are, and how much they are appreciated for the amazing work they do.

Britnee Standing in front of the swag she recieved for the great work she does

Making A World of Difference!

The Admissions and Recruiting team decided to create a a gift package for the Office of Global Affairs to show their appreciation for all the hard work they do.

Note from Admissions and Recruiting Thankking Office of Global Affairs Box of snacks andcandy from Admissions and recruiting for Office of global Affairs

“I survived,” “I thrived,” and “I created.”

University Relations and Enrollment Management had their first recognition event of the semester and provided coffee, juice, tea, hot chocolate, doughnut holes, and fruit. They also made stickers that say “I survived,” “I thrived,” and “I created” to celebrate all the work that we’ve done over this past summer!
Table of Doughnut holes, OJ, and Stickers that say I survived, I thrived, and I created
Lin, Bethany, and Smantha pose for a picture with thir I survived, thrived, and created stickers

Everyone loves Breakfast

Coming to work and getting free bagels and other treats can always pep up your day. It is one of the simplest ways to show your coworkers you appreciate them. Here are some photos of University Relations Enrollment Management teams bagel bar spread.

  Bagels and cream cheese with a box to drop recognition and apreciations cards Bagels and cream cheese with a box to drop recognition and apreciations cards


Creative Activities to Relieve Stress

Have you ever had a day when you are so stressed out you just need a break. Spending your break on creating an art project can ease your mind and help you get refocused. This department setup a coloring and painting station to let their creative side ease their tension.
Table full of markers paints andbrushes

Winter is Coming

Whats better than hot cocoa  and coffee on a cold West Virginia morning? A warm chocolaty or caffeinated beverage to warm you up as you come in from the cold can really jump start your day. This department pulled out all the stops and really showed their appreciation for their coworkers.
A cup of Hotchocolate with Marshmallows
A group of coworkers enjoy making hot chocolate

Employee Appreciation Week

Who says Employee Appreciation Day only has to be one day? Why not make it a weeks worth of events? This department scheduled activities for each day of the week. Imagine how much more employees are excited to go to work when they have a fun surprise waiting for them like WVU merchandise.
WVU Gear, Sweaters, Water Bottles, Hats, Bags on a table as prizes