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Low-Cost, High-Impact Resources

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 Looking for resources on recognition that will cost you next to nothing?  Then you came to the right place!


Employee Graffiti Appreciation Wall

Recognition Ideas

Although low in cost, the impact that your feedback can have on an employee increases their loyalty and engagement.  This graphic designed with WVU in mind provides you with multiple ideas for recognition that won't greatly impact your budget.

Recognition Ideas

You're on a Roll

Ready-to-Go Labels

These prepared labels are designed to be places with a candy or treat that corresponds with the label.  You may have already seen these around campus in use by other managers or our Recognition Specialist.

Recognition Labels

Photo of Certificate Sample

Ready-to-Use Certificates 

There are times where a Go Beyond card is not quite enough and sometimes it's not an option.  Use these prepared certificates to help you recognize your employees.


Print and Post Snip

Print and Post

Use these cutouts as fun notes to leave on someone's desk.  They're fun and require little to no effort to show your appreciation for others.

Print and Post

While You Were Out Snip

While You Were Out

Sometimes we forget that it's okay to have fun in the workplace.  These fun workplace notes encourage a little laughter and smiles in the workplace.

While You Were Out Notes

Go beyond Logo.  Followed by test that reads, hey you did you know that you're appreciated?  Image of a hand pointing to the words hey you.

Appreciation Tear Sheet

Print and post this sheet full of shareable appreciation reminders.  This is an easy way for faculty and staff to get the appreciation they need.