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Supervisor Training

Supervisor Training and Development

Leadership and Organization Development offers a variety of training and development opportunities for supervisors to gain the skillsets to enhance the culture of WVU while emphasizing the core values. We have developed several training sessions for leaders to learn new skills or enhance their current strengths.

The focus is on increasing your effectiveness as a supervisor and helping you learn to lead self, lead teams, and support a changing culture. Each workshop will emphasize specific objectives and will provide opportunities to network with other supervisors across the university. Demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement through training and creating partnerships with other supervisors can allow you to achieve your goals and systemically drive the culture and values of WVU.

Below is a list and descriptions of upcoming training that will be provided during the upcoming year:

Supervisor Series:

Supervisor Essentials

Supervisor Essentials is for WVU Supervisors who want to understand and apply fundamental supervisory skills by learning the human resource practices of WVU. We’ll cover topics that are transactional in nature and important to every supervisor. We’ll have the person who knows the most about the subject walk you through the process, give you access to the tools you need, help you identify common pitfalls, provide you with a tip sheet and key contact information if you have any questions after the training.

Supervisor Essentials themes include:

Theme One: Fostering a Fair and Ethical Work Environment
Theme Two: Managing Employee Performance and Practice
Theme Three: Creating a Collaborative and Inclusive Culture

Supervisor Solutions 

Supervisor Solutions is for WVU supervisors seeking to take a deeper dive into topics that foster productive work environments that promote employee growth through healthy work relationships.

Supervisors that would like to develop strong practices around coaching, setting performance expectations and goal setting would benefit from these highly engaging sessions. The half-day sessions will introduce the five elements of emotional intelligence.

Learners will discuss how emotional intelligence influences self-awareness, coaching of individuals and development of the organization. Each participant will walk away with tools and resources to help them guide productive conversations and outcomes around performance standards.

Supervisor Solutions sessions include:

SS 1:  Introduction to Coaching
SS 2: Leading Self, Leading Teams
SS 3: Leading Teams, Transforming Culture
SS 4: Coaching for Results
SS 5: Building Trust While Motivating Teams
SS 6: Leadership and Influence

Supervisor Speaks 

Supervisors SPEAK provides continuous opportunities that engage WVU Supervisors in round table discussions, forums, panel discussions, webinars, lunch and learns, and networking partnerships. These hourly workshops are designed for supervisors to hear about current best practices from their peers.

Supervisors SPEAK workshops include:

SP:  Recognition Best Practices
SP 2: Onboarding Best Practices
SP 3: Empowering Employee Development

Additional Supervisor Training

The following trainings are provided by guest facilitators on topics that relate specifically to the culture and values of WVU:

  • Challenge of Change
  • Peer to Supervisor
  • Productive Performance Discussions

Training by request

Leadership and Organization Development also offers the following training by request: Strengths-Based Leadership and Crucial Conversations. Each of these training types are departmentally focused programs.

StrengthFinder Session

Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder is an online assessment of personal talent that identifies areas in which individuals and teams have the greatest potential for success. This workshop lays the groundwork for discovering and exploring your top five Strengthsfinder themes on an individual level, the collective talents of your work team and how to maximize your individual and team talents.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn about Talents and Strengths
  • Learn about the Clifton StrengthsFinder®
  • Gain a little more self-awareness about your own Strengths
  • Find out a little more about the Strengths of others on your team
  • Begin to think about using Strengths to maximize your team>
*If you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss a StrengthsFinder Session for your department, contact Leadership and Organization Development at or (304) 293-7217.

Crucial Conversations (4 session Training)

A crucial conversation is a discussion between two or more people when the stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong. These conversations – when handled poorly or ignored – lead to strained relationships and dismal results.


To provide an introductory overview of why handling crucial conversations is vital in both personal and professional experiences.

Participants will be better able to accomplish these goals:

  • Sample the crucial conversations training experience
  • Learn how to spot conversations that are slowing goal attainment
  • Uncover true reasons behind crucial conversations
  • Review the benefits of crucial conversations
  • Discuss rollout options
*for more information regarding Crucial Conversations sessions please contact Leadership and Organization Development at or (304) 293-7217.