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WVU Women's Resource Center Offering Free Resources for Staff

WVU Women's Resource Center Offering Free Resources for Staff

The Women's Resource Center (WRC) is offering WVU staff and students free reusable menstrual cups March 8-22 to promote sustainability and feminine hygiene.

Staff and students can save money and save the planet while helping WVU become a more sustainable, healthier community during the two-week CampusCup 2021 campaign from March 8-22, 2021.  Help the WVU Women’s Resource Center celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month today by signing up for your FREE reusable OrganiCup menstrual cup!

Typically a $30 value, OrganiCups are reusable, medical grade, silicone menstrual cups that replace pads and tampons. Through a partnership with OrganiCup,the WRC is offering FREE OrganiCups to staff through the Provost's Transform This! grant. 

Switching to a reusable product offers a cleaner, healthier and greener option that women can use for years to come while having a minimal impact on the environment.

For your FREE period cup, email from your WVU email account with the following information:  

  • Name
  • Cup size*
  • Campus PO box
  • *Cup sizes:

    Size Mini: Recommended for teens and those that need a smaller size
    Size A: Recommended for those who have not given birth vaginally
    Size B: Recommended for those who have given birth vaginally 

    Staff and faculty may also purchase a cup at a 30% discount, using WVU30.