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WVU to close on Thursday, Dec. 30, 2021

WVU to close on Thursday, Dec. 30, 2021

Last week, Gov. Jim Justice signed two proclamations declaring two additional half-day state holidays on Thursday, Dec. 23 and Thursday, Dec. 30.

Dec. 23 is already a scheduled holiday for West Virginia University; however, Dec. 30 is not. The University, including WVU Research Corp., will combine the two additional half-day state holidays and observe them on Dec. 30.

To be eligible for the Dec. 30 holiday, employees must:

  • Be benefits-eligible and active on WVU payroll on Dec. 30;

  •  Not be in a terminal annual leave status; and

  • Work their full shift or have enough paid leave to cover any amount of time absent on the working day prior to and immediately following the holiday.

Employees who are exiting the University on Dec. 31 by Incentivized Phased Separation Agreements are exempted.

The Dec. 30 holiday will be paid at regular straight time pay. For a full-time employee, that is 7.5 hours. (WVU Research Corp. employees will receive 8 hours.) The holiday pay/hours are pro-rated by FTE for employees who are less than full-time. Employees who already have leave approved on Dec. 30 may cancel the leave in Applaud.

Please review the Holiday Compensation Guidelines and direct any questions to or 304-293-6006.