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Through the voluntary Work-Time Reduction Program, WVU is offering staff and faculty who are interested in working fewer hours during the week or taking a few months off during the year two options to remain active employees while reducing their time or effort at work. Be sure to consider your current work responsibilities and what options make the most sense for your specific situation before submitting an expression of interest.

Express Interest in the Work-Time Reduction Program
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Work-Time Reduction Options

You may express interest in the following work-time reduction options.

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Reduce Your Work Hours or Effort

Remain an active WVU staff or faculty member while decreasing your weekly work schedule by a specified number of hours (staff) or overall effort (faculty) with a corresponding reduction in pay.

Reduce Work Hours or Effort
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Reduce Your Appointment Length

Remain an active WVU staff or faculty member while reducing your work appointment length to fewer months out of the year with a corresponding reduction in pay.

Reduce Appointment Length

Program Overview and Eligibility

The Work-Time Reduction Program is an opportunity for interested WVU staff and faculty to collaborate with the leadership team in their area to determine if a reduction in work hours, effort or appointment length would be beneficial to the employee and aligned with the financial and operational needs of the college, division or unit.

The program may be ideal for staff and faculty who are seeking greater work-life balance, those who are looking for the freedom and flexibility to travel, volunteer or pursue other hobbies or interests and those who are transitioning toward retirement.

The program also will provide cost savings for the college, division or unit and support their efforts to reach budget reduction targets while lessening the potential impacts to other staff and faculty members within each area.

The program is open to staff (both benefits-eligible and non-benefits-eligible) and faculty employed by WVU or WVU Research Corp. as of April 1, 2023.

Note: The Work-Time Reduction Program is not open to State employees who participate in the State Teachers Retirement System.

Watch a video with Vice President for Strategic Initiatives Rob Alsop explaining the voluntary program.

Program Resources

Find answers to how reduced work hours and appointment length affect your pay and benefits, then submit your expression of interest.


Benefit Impacts

View a table of information that explains how pay, health insurance and benefits are affected when reducing your work time.

Work-Time Reduction Benefit Impacts

Program FAQs

View answers to common questions surrounding changes to work schedules.

Work-Time Reduction Program FAQs

Expression of Interest Form

Complete the form to have your expression of interest reviewed.

Expression of Interest Form


Staff should contact WVU Shared Services at 304-293-6006 or with any questions. Staff also may contact their HR Partner. Faculty should contact the Provost Office with any questions at

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