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Fitness for Duty Guidelines

West Virginia University is committed to providing a safe workplace for all members of the University community. In order to do this, employees must be able to perform their duties in a safe, secure, productive, and effective manner, remaining able to do so throughout the entire time they are working.

There are times, however, that behaviors are observed in the workplace that call into question whether or not an employee is fit for the duties of his/her position. Employees who are not fit for duty may present a safety hazard to themselves, other employees, University property, or the public.

Because of these issues, Talent and Culture offers this checklist to assist supervisors in addressing these situations.

Supervisors should contact or 304.293.5700 ext. 5 for further guidance.

Supervisor’s Quick Reference Guide

  • Employee is threatening his/her safety or that of others.

      Call University Police for immediate assistance at 304-293-3136 (available 24/7).

  • Employee is injured or exhibiting extreme physical symptoms.

      Call 911 immediately and request medical assistance.

  • Employee is suspected to be impaired (non-DOT covered position).

  1. Document the specifics and complete the Observed Behavior Checklist. If at all possible, have a witness observe the employee’s behavior.
  2. Contact Employee Relations to review the observed behaviors. Move the employee to a private and confidential area. Ask the employee at this time if he/she has been  drinking or is under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs.
  3. The supervisor and Employee Relations will make the determination of whether or not the employee should be removed from duty.
  4. The supervisor will arrange transportation home for the employee, at University expense (via taxi, University Police, relative, other). At no time should a supervisor or fellow employee transport the individual on their own. Strongly discourage the employee from driving himself/herself home.
  5. The supervisor and Employee Relations will discuss the next steps which may include any or all of the following: referral to Faculty Staff Assistance Program, referral to Medical Management, disciplinary action.
  6. Before the employee is permitted to return to work, a meeting will be held with the employee, supervisor and Employee Relations.
Effective Date:  06/29/2012

Quick reference guide

Use this guide and checklist to determine employees' fitness for duty.

See the guide