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Performance Management

Performance Management is an ongoing process utilized by management to strategically align employee’s goals and activities, aid employees in understanding how their work contributes to the organization and provide clear performance objectives, coaching, feedback and recognition for outstanding work.

It is an ongoing cycle in which supervisors should provide employees with guidance in:

  • Coaching for Success – providing resources and feedback so employees can develop (this should link to a Coaching for Success page with the Frequent Feedback tool, Development Plan)
  • Counseling – Identifying areas of deficiency and providing feedback for improvement, may lead to disciplinary action if improvement is not achieved or sustained (this could then link to the “Discipline” page)
  • Performance Review – the annual retrospective view of an employee’s past performance and outlining future expectations (this should link to a Performance Review page)
  • Planning, Prioritizing and Goal Setting – the ability to look forward, plan and make sure the goals are set appropriately and that priorities are adapted as needed. (link to Goals – SMART & Setting New Goals)
Performance Management is an expectation of all those within a management/supervisory role within the organization as set forth within the Board of Governor’s Talent & Culture Rule 3.8 – Performance Management.

The performance review process gives supervisors an effective tool to provide formal feedback to their employees in addition to the ongoing feedback that occurs throughout the year. We expect that all classified and non-classified employees receive a performance review on an annual basis. Complete instructions for the performance review cycle and process can be found on the Performance Review page. 

Supplemental Resources and Forms