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Conflict Resolution Resources

Conflict in the Workplace

At WVU, every employee plays a critical role in helping the institution achieve its goals. This requires developing and maintaining effective working relationships and open lines of communication. The following information has been developed to assist WVU employees in dealing with conflict in the workplace in positive and constructive ways. If left unresolved, conflict may have a serious effect on the entire workplace environment.

Communication is Essential

One of the best ways to prevent an issue from becoming a conflict is to communicate with the person(s) involved. Communicating in an open, honest and respectful manner provides clarification and understanding. When talking about a conflict with your supervisor or co-worker(s), consider the following:
  • Determine what the issue is from your perspective, as well as putting yourself in the other person’s shoes.
  • Address the issues without making accusations about the actions of others.
  • Refrain from discussing the issue when you are angry or emotional.
  • Limit discussions about the conflict with other uninvolved parties.

Resources are Available

Some workplace issues may be difficult for you to resolve on your own. WVU has resources available for employees needing assistance.
  • Your Supervisor, Dean, Director or other appropriate administrator has responsibility to address problems in the workplace. You may contact the appropriate person and arrange for a private meeting to discuss the matter and ask for assistance. 
  • The Talent and Culture Employee Relations staff works to support good employer-employee relationships at WVU and tries to prevent and resolve issues that arise out of or affect work situations. The staff can provide helpful information about understanding conflict and other workplace issues and recommend possible solutions. Reach out to the team at 304.293.5700 ext. 5.
  • Employee Relations also offers a list of frequently asked questions regarding conflict resolution. Find answers and guidance on solving workplace conflict on the FAQ page.
  • The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) provides free, confidential services for all faculty, staff and their dependents. This resource can provide help for conflicts in the workplace, as well as counseling for personal issues.
  • The Mediation Program is a free, confidential, structured process that offers trained mediators to help clarify conflicts, identify solutions and create a course of action. For mediation assistance contact William Rhee at or 304-293-7081.