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Learning and Development Training Opportunities

As WVU employees, we are all called upon to learn new skills, to work in new and different ways and to change direction at a moment's notice. These qualities are necessary so that we can keep up with the demands that will enable the University to continue to be successful. For that purpose, LOD offers three categories of learning and development training classes.

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Leadership Development

Designed specifically for WVU people leaders responsible for supervising and leading others. Example topics include classes like "Change Management" and "Building Trust".

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Professional Development

Designed for all WVU people leaders and staff. Example topics include "Emotional Intelligence" and "Understanding our Multigenerational Workforce".

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New Hires

Designed for all new WVU people leaders and staff. Example topics include "Understanding Higher Education" and "Leadership Essentials" (a leader series).

Check out the LOD Class Catalog to view all available course titles and descriptions.

Be sure to visit our additional tools and resources page for more leadership and staff development opportunities.


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