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Authorized Absences

Talent and Culture
Authorized Absences
Responsible Unit: Talent and Culture
Effective: September 10, 1998
Revision History: November 13, 2013

General Information

Reason for this procedure:  To outline the means by which WVU administers authorized absences from the work site.

This procedure applies to:  This procedure applies to all faculty, faculty equivalent/academic professional (FE/AP), classified and non-classified employees at West Virginia University, including those on the divisional campuses. 


Authorized Absence:  Results when an employee is away from the work place and: 
      • Has followed the departmental or university procedures for requesting approval to be absent from work, including the submission of any required form/notification/documentation; and 
      • The absence has been approved by the employee’s supervisor, or his/her designee. 
Unauthorized Absence: Results when an employee is away from the work place and has failed to follow the procedures to have an authorized absence.


The University has the right to expect a reliable workforce, and employees are expected to be present and functioning at work as scheduled. Employees are to obtain proper authorization to be away from the work site for any reason. Prior to their normal start time, employees must notify their supervisor if unable to report to work for any reason. Prior to leaving the work site, employees must notify their supervisor if unable to continue work for any reason. Employees are to maintain adequate leave accruals to cover absences from the work place or, to provide proper notification, documentation and obtain prior authorization for a leave of absence without pay. Failure to comply with any of these expectations results in unauthorized leave.

An unauthorized absence of any duration may result in, but is not limited to: prohibition to charge time absent to requested leave or disciplinary action, up to and including the termination of employment.


Interpretation:  Responsibility for interpretation of this administrative procedure rests with the Vice President for Human Resources or his/her designee. 

Application:  It is the responsibility of the employee to provide appropriate and satisfactory information and/or documentation regarding absences from work in order that it may be properly charged to CTO/STO, annual or sick leave, or a pre-approved leave of absence without pay.


Additional information or questions regarding this procedure should be directed to Employee Relations in the Division of Human Resources at (304) 293-5700 ext. 5, or at

Related Documents

HEPC Series 38 - Employee Leave

Leave Request Documentation: Employees are required to comply with internal procedures for scheduling time away from the workplace, including proper utilization of the Leave Request System. 

Medical Verification/Assessment: Medical verification/assessment is a signed statement from the treating health care provider to validate the illness or other cause for which sick leave, family or parental leave, or medical leave of absence may be granted. The health care provider signing the medical assessment must be current and appropriately board certified. The document must provide information regarding the individual’s medical condition, diagnosis, prognosis, and functional limitations, including duration and treatment plan, if any. 

Request for Personal Leave of Absence:  In order to request a non-medical, unpaid, personal leave of absence, employees must complete a Request for Personal Leave of Absence form, obtain authorization from the Dean/Director or Administrator, and submit it to the WVU-HR Benefits office for processing.

Effective: September 10, 1998