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Leave of Absence

BOG Talent and Culture 3.5 - Employee Leave

During your employment at West Virginia University, there may be a time in which you need to be away from work for an extended period. An explanation of your options for those times can be found at the Medical Management page.

Benefits During a Leave of Absence

Paid Leave 

Your benefits will continue during a paid leave. This includes pay from sick leave, annual leave, or catastrophic leave donations. Both the employee and employer contributions will continue as normal.

Unpaid Leave 

During an unpaid leave of absence, you have the option within the first 31 days off payroll, to continue your benefits or waive them. Please fill out the Continuation of Benefits Form to indicate your choice. If you choose to continue your benefits while on unpaid leave, you will receive a monthly invoice for which you will be responsible for the timely remittance. Coverage will stop if you do not make the payment before the due date. If you choose to waive your benefits while on an unpaid leave, you will have 31 days at the time of returning to work to elect benefits. For some vendor plans, medical evidence of insurability may be required to resume coverage upon return from leave. If you have any questions, please contact Benefits Billing. 

University-Paid Benefits 

The University will continue to pay your Group Term Life Insurance, as well as any employer portions for coverage, as long as the employee portion is paid in full. During a personal leave of absence, the employee is responsible for both the employee and employer portion of health insurance deductions.


During an unpaid leave of absence neither you, nor the University make contributions towards your retirement.

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