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Probationary Period

Talent and Culture
Probationary Period
Responsible Unit: Talent and Culture
Effective: September 10, 1998
Revision History: November 13, 2013
Review Date: N/A

General Information 

Reason For This Procedure: 

To outline the means by which West Virginia University manages the probationary employment period in accordance with W. Va. Code §18B-7-13. 

This Procedure Applies To: 

This procedure applies to all full-time classified employees, including those on the divisional campuses. 


Extended Probationary Period: The probationary period may be extended up to a total of twelve (12) months, with approval.

Full-Time Classified Employee: Any employee in a classified position created to last a minimum of nine months of a twelve month period and in which such employee is expected to work no less than 1,040 hours during said period. 

Probationary Period: The initial six (6) months of active employment at West Virginia University. 


All newly hired full-time classified employees shall serve an initial probationary period. The full-time classified employee shall receive a written evaluation of his/her performance at the completion of three (3) months of service, and again at the completion of six (6) months of service. 

During the six (6) month performance evaluation, the full-time classified employee’s supervisor shall explain the contents of the evaluation and whether or not the full-time classified employee is being offered regular employment. 

A supervisor may extend the probationary period up to a total of twelve (12) months for a full-time classified employee who has not met the required standards of performance during the original six (6) month probationary period. Extension of the probationary period will require approval from the Employee Relations unit. 

A full-time classified employee serving in a probationary period must be granted a written authorization from his/her immediate supervisor, before he/she will be eligible to apply for other University employment. In addition, a full-time classified employee serving in a probationary period is ineligible for participation in the Employee Education Program. 

A full-time classified employee serving in a probationary period may be separated from University employment during the initial or extended probationary period if the established standards are not met, provided one (1) written warning has been issued. A full-time classified employee serving in a probationary period may be subject to immediate dismissal for acts of gross misconduct, with or without prior warning.



Responsibility for interpretation of this administrative procedure rests with the Vice President for Human Resources or his/her designee. 


The immediate supervisor is responsible for orienting an employee to the work requirements and expectations of the position, determining whether or not the employee demonstrates satisfactory knowledge and skills, and completing performance reviews for employees serving in a probationary period. 


Additional information or questions regarding this procedure should be directed to Employee Relations in the Division of Human Resources at (304) 293-5700 ext. 5, or at

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Effective: September 10, 1998