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Modified Return to Work

If an employee is able to return to work following a medical leave, but is unable to perform their full job duties due to their medical condition, they may be considered for the Modified Return to Work Program. To be considered for this program, an employee must provide to Medical Management a written release to return to work with restrictions. The documentation must clearly define the restrictions and the length of the restrictions. Medical Management will work with the employee’s department to determine if the employee’s position may be modified to meet the restrictions for the required time period. If so, the employee may return to modified work. If not, the employee will remain on a medical leave. If Medical Management is notified of a change in the employee’s restrictions, the process will be repeated.

This program is designed to allow employees the ability to transition to their full job duties, therefore, job modifications are made on a temporary basis. The maximum amount of time that a position may be modified is six months. If an employee’s restrictions remain in effect longer than six months, they will be referred to the ADA Program for consideration.