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What if a co-worker and I are having a workplace conflict?

Have a direct discussion with the co-worker in a private setting at a time when you are each not angry or emotional. Doing this may give each of you an opportunity to better understand each other’s views on the issue and may allow you to explore positive ways of working together.

What if the conflict is with my Supervisor?

Be sure that you are communicating effectively with your Supervisor by keeping her/him informed about your work and any challenges you face. Make sure you understand the work expectations of your Supervisor and if they are not clear, ask for clarification or review them with her/him. If necessary, you may need to go to your Supervisor’s boss to discuss the workplace conflict you are encountering.

I am a faculty member at WVU. How do I resolve workplace conflict?

All of the resources outlined in this brochure, including mediation, the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, and the West Virginia Public Employees Grievance Procedure, are available to faculty employees too. The first steps for informally trying to resolve a conflict in the workplace should be at the level of the departmental chair, Dean, or Provost’s office.

What if I have followed the recommendations and advice outlined by Employee Relations, but the workplace conflict continues, has escalated, or is out of control?

It is important to seek assistance from your Supervisor, another appropriate administrator, or any of the other resources outlined by Employee Relations. If there is a threat or if an act of violence occurs, contact the University Police at 304.293.COPS (2677). They are trained to assist in these situations and their staff is available 24 hours/day.

What if the conflict I am experiencing involves sexual harassment or discrimination?

The Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) handles investigations into complaints about sexual harassment or unlawful discrimination. The employee should contact their office as soon as possible to discuss the situation with their staff. They can be reached at 304.293.5600 or by email at