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Twelfth Annual Employee Remembrance Ceremony

On September 25, 2019, West Virginia University employees will have a chance to remember and pay tribute to their colleagues who died this past year. The ceremony, which will begin promptly at 12:00 noon, will be held at the Marshall Miller Salon of the Erickson Alumni Center located on One Alumni Drive.

The ceremony itself is very brief (10-15 min.) with light refreshments (cookies, punch, coffee) following the ceremony.

This ceremony honors and pays tribute to those active/retired employees who have passed away during the previous year. Family members of the deceased as well as colleagues and friends are invited to attend the remembrance ceremony.

At this time, we are preparing to recognize the following employees:                                                            

                                                           Gwenda Sue Adkins
                                                              Terence Charles Ahern
                                                                  George Allen
                                                              Barbara Jean Alvis
                                                                Paul A. Atkins Jr.
                                                          David Fairchild Blaydes
                                                             Carl Milton Bowman
                                                              Robert M. Cornwell
                                                           JoAnn Charlotte Davis
                                                              Rose Marie Dumire
                                                            James Kyle Emery Sr.
                                                              Stacy Shockley Fint
                                                                 Gunter N. Franz
                                                             Reynolds Burton Gall
                                                              Mary Jane Hamilton
                                                               Albert E. Harper Jr.
                                                                Richard A. Hilling
                                                              Jean Maynard Hoff
                                                                  Betty Jo Hypes
                                                            Arthur "Art" Jacknowitz
                                                           Charles Robert Jenkins
                                                                  Jack M. Johns
                                                                Mary Lou Kantes
                                                                  Quentin Knight
                                                                Garnet Belle Lee
                                                           Bernard "Ben" Mancino
                                                           Melvin P. "Jim" Mankins
                                                           Harold "Peter" Marshall
                                                           Christine "Chris" Martin
                                                             Robert Shriver Maust
                                                          Betty Pingley McCartney
                                                         Donald England McDowell
                                                                 Michael B. Murray
                                                               Charles David Neel
                                                            Retta Carol "Kay" Nice
                                                                  Linda L. Paugh
                                                             Perry Dexter Phillips
                                                          Eugene F. "Suds" Powell
                                                            Gregory Paul Puskar
                                                             Glenn Nester Reed
                                                                Shawn M. Shisler
                                                               Freda Loretta Sims
                                                                 Harpal K. Singh
                                                           Velma Jean Slavensky
                                                                Robert Leo Smith
                                                                  Irvin S. Snyder
                                                             Guy Harry Stewart
                                                          Alan Mitchell Stolzenberg
                                                      Harold C. "Sonny" Tennant Jr.
                                                 Francisco "Frank" Javier Elias Tovar
                                                                     Erin Trickett
                                                                Spencer O. Turner
                                                               David Harold Turner
                                                                Lillian Jane Waugh
                                                               Rose Marie Weimer
                                                                Robert Lee Wilson
                                                                   Nancy Jo Wise
                                                                Phillip Allen Yeager