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Eleventh Annual Employee Remembrance Ceremony

On October 3, 2018, West Virginia University employees will have a chance to remember and pay tribute to their colleagues who died this past year. The ceremony, which will begin promptly at 2:00 p.m., will be held at the Grand Hall of the Erickson Alumni Center located on One Alumni Drive.

The ceremony itself is very brief (10-15 min.) with light refreshments (cookies, punch, coffee) following the ceremony.

This ceremony honors and pays tribute to those former employees who have passed away during the previous year. Family members of the deceased as well as colleagues and friends are invited to attend the remembrance ceremony.

At this time, we are preparing to recognize the following employees:

                                                         James Benner
                                                    George Lewis Bircher
                                                Mary Roberta "Bobbie" Brandt
                                                         James E. Brick
                                                     Steve Andrew Bricker
                                                        Robert L. Burns
                                                         Dale K. Colyer
                                                       Stephen Lee Cook
                                                       Clifford Martin Corob
                                                         Sandra Sue Dalton
                                                          Darius P. Drain
                                                        Henry S. Falkowski
                                                         Bradley R. Fisher
                                                       Charles D. Fletcher
                                                      Charles "Mike" Foley
                                                        George E. Fowler
                                                      Susan Prager Gaines
                                                              Eva George
                                                       Donald Dwight Gray
                                                        Wendell C. Kitchin
                                                         Barbara Komives
                                                         Helen Marie Lang
                                                  Norman LeRoy "Lee" Lapp
                                                       Patricia Susan Long
                                                     Mary Margaret Lopez
                                                     Elliot "Ellie" Mannette
                                                        Daisy Mae Maxon
                                                       Regina Ann Mayolo
                                                         Kyle McCammon
                                                     Levonna Eloise McNair
                                                       Robert F. McWhorter
                                                   Jeanette Brown Morency
                                                   Edwin James Morgan, Jr.
                                                         Danny Ray Murray
                                                         Sylvia Opal Myers
                                                    Paul Emmett Nesselroad
                                                   Anthony William Rupprecht
                                                 Richard Lynn "Rick" Simmons
                                                           Jo Ann Squires
                                                          Wilma G. Starkey
                                                      Sylvester M. "Sy" Straka
                                                             Tahlia Thomas
                                                            Jean Ann Toren
                                                          Jay Randall Trickett
                                                         Richard "Dick" Walls
                                                           Vernon W. Wilkins
                                                            Anthony Winston
                                                               Amy J. Wright
                                                            Leanna R. Wright