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WVU Values Coin History

The WVU Values Coin program began in 2017 to commemorate the University’s 150th anniversary by recognizing faculty and staff who help bring our mission to life through their daily work.

Senior leaders awarded 150 commemorative coins in 2017 to faculty and staff who go above and beyond to make our University community a better place by living our core values of service, curiosity, respect, accountability and appreciation.

The program was so successful among faculty and staff that it continued into subsequent years. Throughout 2018, recipients of the 2017 coin were asked to demonstrate our shared value of Appreciation and “pay it forward” by identifying other faculty and staff who embody our values. 2017-coin recipients were asked to show recognition to these faculty and staff members by presenting them with a 2018 WVU Values Coin.

In late 2018, faculty and staff voted on three design options for the 2019 WVU Values Coin. The designs were created with input from faculty and staff who were featured in Mountaineer Values  video vignettes. The tradition of WVU faculty and staff voting on the new coin design will continue into the future.

2017 Coin

2017 WVU Values Coin
2018 Coin

2018 WVU Values Coin
2019 coin

2019 WVU Values Coin