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Concessions and Solicitations Procedures

Talent and Culture
Concessions and Solicitation Procedure
Responsible Unit: Talent and Culture
Effective: August 1, 1999
Revision History: N/A
Review Date: N/A


To outline University procedure on solicitation in University owned facilities or at University sponsored events, which includes but is not limited to, the selling of products or services, receipt of orders or funds, posting or distribution of literature, and use of the campus mail system.


Board of Trustees Policy Bulletin No. 55, Section C; U.S. Postal Service Regulations (Private Express Statutes); WV Board of Trustees Classified Employees’ Handbook, Section 9.1; West Virginia Code 61-3-30, and 61-3-31.


All faculty, faculty equivalent/academic professional (FE/AP), classified and non-classified employees, in addition to all groups or organizations internal and external to West Virginia University are covered under this policy.


Solicitation and selling of products and articles on University property, owned or leased, is prohibited except by organizations and groups directly affiliated with and recognized by West Virginia University and authorized by written approval of the institution's president/designee.
Solicitation is defined as, but not limited to, the distribution of material, individual or group, discussions, or any other form of individual or group contact.

Additionally no individual, firm, group, department, or organization may use the name of West Virginia University or the Board of Trustees to secure, by any means, funds or services for any purpose without written permission of the institution's president/designee. Those wishing to solicit areas of the institution should contact the Director of Human Resources office, P.O. Box 6640, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV 26506-6640.


Use of the University Mail Service is governed by the U.S. Domestic Mail Manual and the Private Express Statutes in the Code of Federal Regulations, 39 CFR, parts 310 and 320.
Use of the campus mail system is provided to faculty, staff, and students and is to be used for official university business only, and should not be used for personal gain, political, religious or special interest purposes.

For University mail to be recognized as official it is required to meet criteria as determined by the WVU Mail Service. Campus mail should originate within a WVU budgeted unit or organization; be from a unit of the organization having an established mail stop; be from a unit listed as such in the University directory; and be necessary for the transaction of business by the University.


Placing banners, posters, and stickers on University property, including vehicles, without proper authorization is prohibited by state law (WV Code 61-3-30 and 61-3-31) concerning the defacement of property.

Employees may be granted access to bulletin boards at various locations across campus for the posting of information relating to employment and employee concerns at West Virginia University, in accordance with each facility’s policy on the use of bulletin boards.


The University recognizes the right of its employees to participate in an employee organization of their choice, and the need to balance employee rights with the University's obligation to maintain continuous service and order.

Except to solicit participation in official University programs and activities, no employee or other person shall solicit employee organizational membership during scheduled work time in working areas of the University while work tasks are being performed. Employees who engage in the solicitation of membership to employee organizations will do so on non-work time.

Work time is defined as the time period from the commencement of a work shift to the end of the work shift, during which time work tasks are being performed, excluding break periods and meal times.

Working areas shall be considered to be those areas in which University employees perform their duties. Working areas shall not include areas that are provided for employees's comfort and convenience, or areas open to the general public.

Employee membership solicitation may be permitted during non-working time in working areas provided that such activity has been approved by the work area supervisor and does not interfere with the ongoing work of the University, department, division, or unit.


Additional information or questions regarding solicitation can be obtained by contacting the Employee Relations Unit in the Division of Human Resources at 304-293-5700 ext. 5.

Effective: August 1, 1999