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Facility Disruption or Utility Service Interruption

Talent and Culture
WVU-HR-13 Facility Utility Disruption Policy
Responsible Unit: Talent and Culture
Effective: September 10, 1998
Revision History: N/A
Review Date: N/A


To outline the means by which West Virginia University shutdowns due to power and utility disruptions, or other conditions that may result in the closure of a University building are treated in accordance with Board of Trustees Series 35 and 57, and WV Code 12-3-13.


University full-time regular classified employees, and faculty or faculty equivalent/academic professional (FE/AP) employees with twelve (12) month contracts, including those on the regional campuses, are covered under this policy.


To ensure the health and safety of employees and students, the president/ designee has the authority to close the institution, in whole or in part, geographically or by facility, and to determine when to re-open a location that has been evacuated or closed. Official start and end times for the shut-down(s) will be determined by the president/designee.

When extended facility/utility disruptions occur, arrangements may be made for employees to work at alternate work locations or on different schedules in order to continue operations. Employees may also be temporarily reassigned to work in different units until normal operations can resume. Employees who are reassigned or work at alternate work locations during a facility/utility disruption will be compensated at their regular rate of pay. If it is determined that options for alternate work sites, schedules, or units are not available, employees may be released from work duties and required to charge accumulated annual or compensatory/substitute leave for the duration of the facility/utility disruption. Employees will be required to report back to work as scheduled upon notification of reassignment or reopening of the facility/building.


Additional information regarding this policy or the proper procedures to follow can be obtained in the Facility/Utility Disruption Procedure.


The president/designee is responsible for decisions regarding the shutdown of facilities/buildings. It is the responsibility of the appropriate administrator(s) to determine work force needs and assignments during a facility/utility disruption, notification(s) to report back to work, and ensuring that employees properly account for and are compensated for time during a facility/utility disruption. The Employee Relations Unit in the Department of Human Resources, at 293-5700 or P.O. Box 6640, is available to answer questions or provide additional information regarding this policy.


The responsibility for interpretation of this policy rests with the Director of Human Resources, West Virginia University.

Effective: September 10, 1998