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Military Leave

BOG Talent and Culture 3.5 - Employee Leave

  1. An employee who is a member of the National Guard or any reserve component of the armed forces of the United States shall be entitled to and shall receive a leave of absence without loss of pay, status, or efficiency rating, for all days in which engaged in drills or parades, field service or active service to the State ordered by proper authority, or for field training or active service for the maximum period as provided by state and/or federal law.
  2. The term "without loss of pay" shall mean that the employee shall continue to receive normal salary or compensation, notwithstanding the fact that such employee may receive other compensation from federal sources during the same period. Furthermore, such leave of absence shall be considered as time worked in computing seniority, eligibility for salary increases, credit for years of service and experience with the institution. An employee shall be required to submit an order or statement from the appropriate military officer in support of the request for such military leave unless military necessity prevents giving of such notice.
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