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Benefits and Compensation

insurance plans

Find the insurance plans that fit your life.

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Health Insurance

Find information on WVU's health insurance plans, including PEIA and the Health Plan.

View health insurance information

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Life Insurance

Employees and their dependents are eligible for life insurance through MetLife.

View life insurance information

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Optional Benefits

WVU offers a variety of flex benefits, including dental, vision, hearing and more. 

View optional benefits

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Disability Insurance

Explore options for short-term, long-term and extended long-term disability insurance through WVU. 

View disability insurance information

changing your benefits

Need to update your benefits? You're in the right place.

Beneficiary Change

Naming a beneficiary for your life insurance and retirement determines who will receive your policy benefits upon your death. 

Change your beneficiary

Qualifying Life Events

Qualifying life events, which end dependent eligibility (such as marriage, divorce or birth of a child), must be reported immediately. 

Learn about qualifying life events

Release of Information

Employees can designate persons with whom the WVU Employee Benefits staff are allowed to discuss their benefits-related information. 

Learn how to authorize release of your information


Everybody needs time off. Learn what your options are.

Employee Leave

Learn about your options for employee leave, including annual leave and sick leave. 

Learn about employee leave

Medical Leave Programs

WVU offers a variety of options for medical leave. Explore your options and find out if you qualify. 

Learn about medical leave

Compensatory Leave

Some employees may opt to use Compensatory Leave in place of compensation for certain hours worked. 

Learn about compensatory leave

retirement options

WVU strives to provide employees with as many options as possible to maximize their retirement savings opportunities.

Learn more about your retirement options

See how you can join the WVU Retirees Association.

Classification and

Learn more about WVU's job classification system.

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WVU Talent and Culture takes care of its employees.

The Classification and Compensation Administration unit is responsible for the administration of compensation programs for all non-faculty employees at WVU and its divisional campuses.

Learn more about WVU's job classification system