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FY2019 Compensation Program

FY2019 Compensation Program

The FY2019 compensation program is designed to continue to move both faculty and staff pay closer to market rates while also recognizing and rewarding high performance. As part of the program, we also have updated faculty and staff compa-ratios to reflect new benchmark data and adjusted pay ranges.


  • All benefits-eligible faculty, non-classified and faculty equivalent employees – as well as all classified staff – employed by the University prior to July 1, 2018.
  • Employees must not be on active discipline (i.e., at second letter of warning or higher).
  • Employees must have an overall rating higher than “Unsatisfactory” or “Development Needed” in their most recent performance review. For staff employees, this means the performance review process that currently is underway and kicked off in June. For faculty, this means the performance reviews you completed earlier this spring.


  • 2% pay increase for all eligible faculty and staff (or a $702 minimum increase for staff if it is greater than the 2% amount).
  • Eligible faculty and staff also may qualify for an additional discretionary merit pay increase.
  • Staff pay ranges will be increased by an additional 1%.


  • September – Communicate final 2018 performance rating and pay decisions.
  • September 30 – Salary increases become effective.
  • October 26 – Salary increases become effective in pay statements.

Compensation Update

Check out the Campus Conversation focused on West Virginia University’s recent faculty and staff compensation efforts, including the FY2018 and FY2019 programs.

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