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Departing Employee

departing wvu

Important Benefits and Payroll Information

Leave Information

Understand the options available to you for receiving payment for your unused leave.

Benefits and COBRA  

Explanation of when your benefit coverages will end and COBRA notice information.

Retirement Accounts

Learn your options on handling your retirement accounts.

No Hardship Repayment

If you were hired prior to July1, 2002 the no hardship repayment may apply to you.

questions about departing?

We are here to help.

Benefits Administration  
               One Waterfront Place, 2nd Floor
                        (304) 293-5700x4

woodburn hall


                One Waterfront Place, 3rd Floor
                          (304) 293-3379x1


 Benefit Vendor Contacts

      View a list of benefit vendor contact information.

We thank you for your service to WVU!