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Benefits and COBRA

Benefits Coverage 

It is important to understand that health insurance, life insurance, flexible benefits (dental, vision, etc.), and all other optional benefits will end on the last day of the month in which you physically worked, regardless if you continue to be paid into subsequent months.

Should you have any of the benefits above, your benefit premiums owed to the vendors must be paid in full through the end of your benefit coverage month. If your benefit premiums are not paid in full or WVU is unable to collect premiums owed through your last day on payroll your coverage may be terminated sooner. Please contact Benefits


Health insurance, dental and vision insurance are the only vendors that will mail COBRA notices regarding the continuation of your coverages and your rights under their plans. If you were enrolled in life insurance, disability insurance or any other optional benefits, COBRA is not applicable.

Benefit Vendor Contacts

Longevity Pay
Employees exiting the University may be eligible to receive a pro-rated or full Longevity payment for their years of service up through and including their last physical day of employment. Contact Benefits Administration at for further information.