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Leave Information

Annual Leave

Upon separation from WVU, you have the option on how you would like to receive payment for your unused annual leave.

Option 1: Receive a lump sum payment of remaining annual leave. There is no retirement match into your 401(a) account.

Option 2: Use your remaining annual leave balance to continue to be paid through exhaustion of  your balance. This option does allow for a retirement match into your 401(a) account. 

Please notify your supervisor, Expert Business Office (EBO) or Shared Services of your choice.

If you choose to exhaust your annual leave balance and remain on payroll, you will no longer be eligible to receive additional leave accruals, holiday pay or any other type of paid leave (e.g. inclement weather closure).
Sick Leave
Your remaining sick leave hours as of your WVU separation date will be banked. As it stands today, if you are rehired at WVU or another West Virginia state agency within one (1) year of your separation date, you are eligible to have all of your remaining sick leave balance reinstated at WVU or transferred to the other state agency. If you are hired outside of one (1) year, you are eligible to reinstate or transfer up to 225 hours (30 days) of sick leave.