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Resident and Fellow Leaves

Per ACGME Requirements Residents/Fellows must be provided with at least the equivalent of 100 percent of their salary for the first six weeks of the first approved medical, parental, or caregiver leaves of absence.

The Resident/Fellow must complete the leave request form . If the medical leave of absence request is approved, the Resident/Fellow will be paid at 100% of their salary for up to six weeks. If applicable sick and annual leave is exhausted prior to the end of their leave, or prior to six weeks (whichever comes first), the Resident/Fellow will be paid by future accruals and a negative leave balance will occur. During this time elected deductions will continue to be deducted from the employee’s check at the same employee rate. After the first six weeks of leave has exhausted, the employee will be removed from payroll.  An unpaid leave of absence will be authorized through the approved medical leave time frame.

During an unpaid leave of absence, the Resident/Fellow has the option within the first 31 days off payroll to continue benefits or waive them. If they choose to continue their benefits while on unpaid leave, they will receive a monthly invoice and will be responsible for timely remittance. If the employee chooses to waive their benefits while on an unpaid leave, they will have 31 days at the time of returning to work to elect benefits. For some vendor plans, medical evidence of insurability may be required to resume coverage upon return from leave. Failure to provide payment for benefits may result in cancellation of coverages. Please contact to make arrangements for payment of your insurance benefit premiums.

GME Leave Policy
Leave Request Form