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Years of Service

Applicable for Current Employees Only

Years of Service is used for recording experience within an employee’s profession, longevity increment pay, service awards and other seniority related issues. Employees should complete a Request for Years of Service Verification in order to make WVU aware of any prior years of service with WVU or another eligible West Virginia State Agency.

Longevity Pay purposes Definition/Eligibility

Classified and Non-classified employees with three or more years of service in a regular position appointment earn years of service experience for longevity purposes based on the total years of service with state agencies and/or state spending units. Eligible employees will receive an annual salary supplement equal to sixty dollars times the employee’s years of service. For further information, please review 
BOG Talent and Culture Rule 3.7 – Annual Increment regarding Annual Increment Pay.

Faculty and FE/AP must be 1.00 FTE for at least nine months in each fiscal year to receive credit toward longevity. Any time worked less than 1.00 FTE does not count toward longevity.

Annual Leave Accruals

Full-time regular employees are eligible to accrue annual leave immediately upon initiation of service. Accrual rates vary according to position(s) and/or years of service, and are prorated according to the employee’s FTE.

Non-classified employees, FE/AP and faculty with twelve-month contracts have a fixed annual leave accrual rate regardless of years of service. Years of service for annual leave accrual rates of classified employees is based upon accumulative years of service, as a full-time regular employee, with the State of WV; time is prorated according to the position(s) FTE; and time off payroll is not included.


Years of service for retirement purposes is the total years an employee has been employed by the state of West Virginia in a benefits-eligible position and contributing to a state sponsored retirement system. In West Virginia higher education, including West Virginia University, employee TIAA-CREF contributions to the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission 401(a) Plan count as a state sponsored retirement system. 

Retiree Accrued Leave-YOS Conversion Form