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Additional Trainings

Managing Up

How to Build Trust, Increase Influence, and Create Partnership with Your Bosses

Consultant Mark Isabella teaches a class of inspired learners

This course is designed for Managers, Leads, Assistant Directors, Directors and other in similar positions to increase knowledge on meeting expectations and managing up!

Leader-employee relationships are frequently characterized by distrust, miscommunication, and mutual dissatisfaction.  A good relationship with your boss, however, is essential if you want to achieve optimal success in your role. Managing Up program offers principles, practices, and tools to help you build effective relationships with senior leaders and administrators in our university. You will learn how to build trust, work through conflict and increase your power and influence on the job. Your learning will be enhanced by discussion, realistic case studies, and targeted skill practice. This program will provide the mindsets and behaviors that can help you move forward in positive and productive ways.
Learning Objectives:

  • Build trust with powerful people;
  • Clarify your boss’s expectations for you;
  • Give and receive actionable feedback;
  • Establish appropriate boundaries;
  • Provide briefings that enhance communication; and performance.
   Next Session is TBD

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Have you transitioned from being a peer to a supervisor? 

Mark Isabella listening to particiapnts answer

Have you transitioned from being a peer to a supervisor?  We value your leadership and want to help you in your transition.  We are offering a program that will help you establish yourself quickly in your new role and help you avoid the common mistakes new supervisors make in managing former peers.

You’ll learn:

  • The changes you can expect in your new role
  • How to build trust, offer coaching, and provide feedback to friends that you supervise
  • How to handle issues of confidentiality
  • When to be firm and when to be flexible
  • How to avoid perceptions of favoritism
  • How to prevent previous work relationships from negatively influencing your new managerial responsibilities
                                                   Next Session is TBD
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Productive performance Conversations

This training is designed to provide an opportunity for those supervisors who conduct performance reviews to enhance their communication techniques.


Are you prepared to conduct productive performance conversations?  Are you afraid that you will see some tears or anger?  Are you wondering about how to deal with various stages of emotional responses?

The Division of Talent and Culture is offering optional training for Supervisors on "Productive Performance Conversations". The Leadership and Organization Development unit is providing an opportunity for Supervisors conducting performance reviews to enhance their communication techniques using informative tools and simulations.


To enhance collaborative and productive performance management conversations.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will be better able to:

  • Prepare for and/or conduct difficult performance reviews and provide ongoing feedback with ease.
  • Define and practice continuous collaboration.
  • Recognize and react properly to emotional responses.
  • Discuss the steps to establishing employee accountability.
  • Practice establishing clear goals and expectations.
  • Build trust, offer coaching, and provide ongoing feedback.
 Next Session is TBD

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Challenge of Change

This interactive session will explore the mindsets and behaviors associated with resilient and adaptive responses to change.

Participants study the content on the screen which reads Examples of chnage

Life can be difficult, change is relentless, and problems are becoming more complex than ever. To survive and thrive in this volatile environment, we must learn new ways to adapt.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Practice adaptive responses to challenges and problems
  • Nurture effective relationships in times of change
  • Employ strategies that cultivate growth in tough times

                                                 Next Session is TBD
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