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Spring 2019 Waiver deadline is December 28!

Note: If you have an approved waiver on file for the Fall 2018, there is not need to complete the spring waiver.

Complete the waiver now!

Insurance information

Students at WVU and WVU Tech are required to carry health insurance. 


Aetna Student Health Insurance

The Aetna student health insurance plan includes nationwide coverage through Aetna’s extensive national network of providers.



Understand how your health insurance works and what your policy covers.

Find Out What is Covered


Who Needs Coverage

Students enrolled in a certain number of credit hours at WVU and WVU Tech must carry health insurance.

Learn About Who Needs Coverage


GA Coverage

Graduate Assistants are offered health insurance at no or reduced cost.


Rates, Dates and Deadlines

Find insurance costs, effective dates and waiver deadlines for students opting out of WVU insurance.

View Rates, Dates and Deadlines


Waiver Criteria

Students who are already covered by other health insurance and meet certain criteria may opt out of WVU's insurance.


Mid-year Enrollment

If you opted out of health coverage but recently lost your coverage due to a qualifying life event, you may be eligible for mid-year enrollment.


Life Insurance

WVU includes the added benefit of life insurance for students enrolled in WVU's Aetna student health insurance plans at no additional cost.


Insurance Card

You must print a copy of your card or call Aetna Student Health at 866.654.2338 to request one be mailed to you.



To ensure the health and safety of our campus, immunization against several communicable diseases is required.



Get information on all of the most frequently asked questions about WVU's Aetna Student Health services.


Contact Info

Still have questions? Reach out at any time.

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