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Aetna Student Health Insurance

West Virginia University has negotiated an excellent health insurance plan for WVU and WVU Tech students. The Aetna student health insurance plan includes nationwide coverage through Aetna’s extensive national network of providers, as well as worldwide medical assistance. The plan was designed specifically with students’ needs in mind, and provides high-level coverage with low out-of-pocket costs.

More information about the 2018/2019 WVU Aetna plan is available in the detailed  Plan Design and Benefits Summary.

Looking for information about the past plan year? Review the 2017/2018 Plan Design and Summary. 

All eligible WVU and WVU Tech students without an approved  student health insurance waiver on file for the academic year will be automatically enrolled in the Aetna student health insurance plan. 

 2018/2019 WVU Aetna Plan Overview
Premium  $1000 per term
Deductible  $500 In Network
Office Visit Copay   $25 In Network
Coinsurance    Most in network covered services are covered at 80% of the negotiated rate.