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Mid-Year Enrollment

If you have opted out of the WVU Aetna student health insurance plan, but recently lost your health insurance coverage due to a  qualifying life event, you may be eligible to enroll in the WVU Aetna plan mid-semester. Qualifying life events allow eligible students to make mid-year enrollment changes to their health insurance plan, such as enrolling in coverage.  Qualifying life events include loss of health insurance coverage due to employment changes and aging out of a parent’s coverage. 

How to Enroll in the Aetna plan Mid-Year

Step 1. Obtain proof of loss of coverage. See “Required Documentation” below for details.

Step 2. Complete the  Student Mid-Year Enrollment Form  within 31 days of your loss of coverage, attaching your proof of loss of coverage.

Step 3. Once you’ve received a response from the Student Insurance Office notifying you of your enrollment in the Aetna plan, check your student account for the newly assessed student insurance fee, and  print your Aetna ID card.


To be eligible to enroll in the WVU or WVU Tech Aetna student health plan, you must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours as a domestic student or at least 1 credit hour as an international student.

Required Documentation

In order to enroll in the Aetna student health insurance plan mid-semester, you must provide proof of loss of coverage. Proof of loss of coverage can be any of the following: 

  • A Certificate of Creditable coverage from insurance provider
  • A memo from the insured’s employer indicating your name and date of insurance termination on employer letterhead

If your loss of coverage is due to reaching age 26 and no additional documentation is provided, your Aetna Student Health plan will be made effective on your date of birth. If you will have coverage through the end of the month, please provide documentation indicating the date of loss of coverage.

Effective Dates of Coverage

Your Aetna coverage will begin on the “Date of Event” indicated on your Mid-Year Enrollment Form. Please use the first day that you will be without insurance coverage as your “Date of Event.” For example, if you lost your coverage because you turned age 26, but will have coverage through the end of the month, be sure to use the 1st day of the following month as your date of event to make your WVU plan effective on the 1st.

Once approved, coverage will be effective through the end of the semester coverage period (December 31 for fall term, August 10 for spring and summer terms).

Enrolled Participant       Pro-Rated Cost - 2024/2025 Plan Year    Pro-Rated Cost - 2023/2024 Plan Year
Fall Term    $7.50 Per Day      $8.87 Per Day   
Spring/Summer Term      $7.50 Per Day
   $5.69 Per Day

For students enrolling mid-year into the Aetna student insurance plan, the pro-rated health insurance fee will be assessed to your student account upon approval of your enrollment. 

All insurance coverage is subject to applicable state form and rate filing approval and, once approved, to the terms of the Master Policy. We have not yet received approval from the state insurance department for the 2024-25 benefits, features and rates described in this document. As part of the approval process, the State may require us to make changes to the benefits, features and/or rates. We will notify you if that happens.