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Remote Student FAQs

FAQs for students who will have a completely online schedule, and will remain in their home state or country.

Does the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan cover me off the WVU campus?
A. Yes, the Aetna student health insurance plan includes nationwide coverage through Aetna’s extensive national network of providers, as well as worldwide medical assistance. The plan was designed specifically with students’ needs in mind, and provides high-level coverage with low out-of-pocket costs.  

Q. If I'm enrolled in a fully online program, am I required to complete the waiver?
A.  Fully online students will be automatically enrolled in the Aetna student insurance plan if they are registered for the minimum number of credit hours (6 or more credit hours for domestic students, and 1 or more credit hours for international students). If students are eligible for enrollment in the Aetna plan, and would like to opt out, they must complete the online waiver. 

Q. If I am taking classes remotely, but my waiver is declined, what can I do?
A.  Domestic students : Fully online students, residing outside of the campus area, can opt out of the student insurance plan by completing a waiver appeal form. A link to the appeal can be found in the waiver confirmation email the student receives to their MIX account upon completion of the online waiver.       
Q. If I am taking classes fully online, and I reside outside of the United States, how can I request an insurance waiver if I don't currently have qualifying health insurance?
A.  International students : Fully online international students, residing outside of the U.S., can request an administrative waiver based on their out-of-country status. An email indicating the student’s current situation, along with supporting documentation (e.g. a letter from the student’s department/program), can be submitted to the Student Insurance Office for further review.