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Rates, Dates, and Deadlines

Aetna Student Health Insurance Coverage Dates  

Coverage Term Coverage Dates
Plan Year       Aug. 11 - Aug. 10
Fall  Aug. 11 - Dec. 31
Spring   Jan. 1 - Aug. 10
Summer (Only)  May 11 - Aug. 10

Waiver Deadlines
Semester                      Waiver Deadline Date     
Fall 2024 July 26, 2024
Spring 2025         Please monitor the Student Insurance website for updates.
Summer 2025 Please monitor the Student Insurance website for updates.

Aetna Student Health Insurance Rates* for Plan Year 2024-2025
    Annual        Fall        Spring        Summer (Only)
Student Only       $2739     $1073     $1666     $690

*The student insurance fee is based on the number of days in the coverage period; this is a change from prior years. For planning purposes, please be aware that the fall 2024 and the spring/summer 2025 premiums assessed to your student account will be different. The fall 2024 fee will be $1,073 and the spring/summer 2025 will be $1,666. 

All insurance coverage is subject to applicable state form and rate filing approval and, once approved, to the terms of the Master Policy. We have not yet received approval from the state insurance department for the 2024-25 benefits, features and rates described in this document. As part of the approval process, the State may require us to make changes to the benefits, features and/or rates. We will notify you if that happens.

Aetna Student Health Insurance Rates for 2023-2024 Plan Year
    Annual        Fall        Spring        Summer (Only)   
Student Only       $2536    $1268     $1268     $524

Please note, due to health insurance legislation changes, dependent enrollment in the WVU student health insurance plan will no longer be offered after the 2014-2015 plan year.