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Disability Insurance

Short-Term Disability Insurance

FBMC Short-Term Disability Insurance  

West Virginia University, through the Fringe Benefits Management Company, offers benefits-eligible employees a Short-Term Disability(STD) program. The plan is a pre-tax benefit. Standard Insurance Company underwrites this plan.

What is the STD Benefit?  

The weekly Short-Term Disability (STD) benefit is based on the employee’s earnings from WVU. The group insurance policy refers to these earnings as pre-disability earnings.

The weekly benefit is 70 percent of the employee’s pre-disability earnings, reduced by deductible income. The maximum weekly benefit is $750. The minimum weekly benefit is $15.

Long -Term Disability Insurance

West Virginia University offers benefits-eligible employees Long-Term Disability (LTD) insurance from Standard Insurance Company. The plan is a post-tax benefit with a monthly annuity premium benefit equal to 12 percent of the employee’s monthly wage base. 


Premiums are based on the employee’s base salary and age and paid by the employee. This is a post-tax premium; therefore, the benefit is not taxable.

Monthly Income Benefit  

The monthly income benefit is 60 percent of monthly wage base paid by the employer, not to exceed a benefit of $5,000 a month, less the sum of benefits from other sources that apply to the same month (e.g. Social Security, workers' compensation, state disability, etc.).

In no event will the monthly income benefit be less than $100 or 10 percent of the monthly income benefit before benefits from other sources are subtracted.

Monthly Annuity Premium Benefit  

Employees enrolled in the plan also receive a “Monthly Annuity Premium Benefit”. The annuity benefit provides for a monthly contribution of an amount equal to 12 percent of the employees’ salary to TIAA Accounts. If the employee does not have a TIAA Retirement Account, an account will be established for him/her.

Survivor Income Benefit  

The plan also includes a “Survivor Income Benefit” payable as of the first day of the month after the employee’s death. The “Survivor Income Benefit” equals the last monthly income benefit received, multiplied by three. It will be paid to surviving dependent(s) if the following criteria are met:

  • Employee was totally disabled for the full 12 months prior to death; and
  • Employee is survived by one or more surviving dependents. (A spouse or unmarried child who was dependent on the employee for support and maintenance, under age 19; or 19 but less than age 23 and enrolled in school as a full-time student.)


Employees may enroll the month of hire or during the two following months. Employees who enroll after that time period will be required to submit an LTD Evidence of Insurability Form subject to review and approval by Standard Insurance Company. To obtain form, call WVU Shared Services at 304.293.6006 or email

Definition of Total Disability

  • During the first 24 months – being completely unable due to sickness, bodily injury or pregnancy to perform in your normal occupation
  • After the first 24 months – being unable due to sickness, bodily injury or pregnancy to perform any occupation for which you are reasonably suited by education, training or experience.
  • If total disability is due to mental illness, alcoholism and/or drug abuse, benefits are limited to no more than 24 months.

WVU Long-Term Disability Forms

WVU Long-Term Disability Cancellation Form
Standard LTD Booklet
Standard Benefits at a Glance

For additional information on the   WVU Long-Term Disability Plan call WVU Shared Services at 304.293.6006.

FBMC Long-Term Disability Insurance  

West Virginia University, through Fringe Benefits Management Company and Standard Insurance, offers benefits-eligible employees a Long-Term Disability plan. The plan is a pre-tax benefit with no annuity premium benefits. More information can be found in the  Mountaineer Flexible Benefits Enrollment Guide.  

Standard Insurance Company 

(STD) Policy #611506-B 
(LTD) Policy #611506-A 
STD/LTD Claims 
Mon – Fri, 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. ET 

Extended Long-Term Disability Insurance

West Virginia University offers benefits-eligible employees extended Individual Long-Term Disability (ILTD) insurance from Standard Insurance Company. The ILTD insurance is an extension to the long-term disability insurance program that will allow you to protect more of your income if you become disabled and cannot work.

The ILTD insurance is designed to be a complement to your group Long-Term Disability (LTD) plan at WVU.

Group LTD plan

  • Insures 60% of salary up to $5,000/month maximum benefit; therefore, salary above $100,000 is not covered
  • 12% Monthly Annuity Premium Benefit
  • Is reduced by some other benefits such as Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability Insurance

Highlights of the ILTD WVU Program

  • Higher income replacement of income if long-term disabled
  • High quality policy features… own the individual policy and you make all the decisions on the policy
  • You can keep the policy if you no longer work at WVU
  • Benefits are not subject to federal and state income tax
  • Premiums are discounted
  • Guarantee Standard Issue….easy enrollment and limited underwriting
  • Payroll deduction arrangement for premium payments

ILTD insurance eligibility Criteria

  • Earning at least $100,000 salary (primary assignment)
  • Benefits-eligible
  • Participating in WVU Group LTD plan
  • Actively at work for past 6 months

Extended Individual Disability Plan Features

  • Guaranteed Renewable to age 66/67
  • Coverage cannot be changed
  • Premium is level. Rates can change (after 3 years), but only by class, subject to regulatory approval.
  • Benefit amount = 70% of base salary minus Group LTD and any other coverage. Maximum benefit = $6,000
  • Waiting period = 180 days
  • Benefit period = To age 66/67 (graded schedule after 60)


Employees whose annual base salary exceeds $100,000 and are currently enrolled in the group Long-Term Disability (LTD) plan at WVU will be contacted by Benefits Strategy each year in late fall and offered the opportunity to enroll in the extended Individual Long-Term Disability (ILTD)insurance plan. The ILTD insurance is designed to be a complement to your group Long-Term Disability (LTD) plan at WVU.