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EPIC Hearing Service Plan

EPIC’s Five-Step Plan

The EPIC Hearing Service Plan starts with an evaluation of your ears and hearing. Diagnostic tests and measures will determine the course of treatment most likely to help you hear better.

The EPIC Hearing Plan’s 5 Basic Steps to Good Hearing include:

  1. Pure Tone Hearing Test – to determine if a hearing problem exists
  2. Functional Assessment – to define the magnitude of the problem and the technology best suited to treat it
  3. Hearing Aid Evaluation – to determine your ability to wear a hearing aid and select the best model and make
  4. Fitting and Programming your hearing aid
  5. Therapy and Training – to fine tune your device and maximize the benefits you receive.

Benefit Summary

  • $50 examination for covered adults and children
  • $300 benefit per ear device

How the EPIC Plan Works

  1. Call EPIC at 866-956-5400
  2. A hearing counselor will register you and assist in determining your healthcare needs.
  3. You will receive a Hearing Service Plan booklet outlining all plan benefits, services and pricing.
  4. A hearing counselor will coordinate a referral to a provider location near your home or work.
  5. Contact the provider; follow through with an appointment, examination and treatment.
  6. EPIC will coordinate and manage all payments.
  7. EPIC will assist you in coordinating any insurance benefits or coverages when applicable
  8. Contact EPIC at any time for assistance, advice or additional information at 866-956-5400.

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