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Cancer Awareness

It's all about prevention.

WVU is committed to ensuring employees are aware of the major risks to their health and the options they have to prevent them.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month pink flower wreath

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October 2 is West Virginia Breast Cancer Awareness Day!
Breast Cancer Awareness Day (BCAD) is a day that has come to encompass what Breast Cancer Awareness is all about. This year, West Virginia celebrates it's 25th annual BCAD on Monday, October 5.

Hundreds of West Virginians gather across the state to show their commitment to fight breast cancer, as disease that has taken the lives of so many women.

To find out about activities planned for BCAD in West Virginia, visit the WV DHHR bulletin board for details.

Breast Cancer is a preventable disease if caught early, with preventive screening. Women who detect breast cancer early have more choices for treatment and a greater chance of treating the disease.

raising awareness.

WVU Talent and Culture is committed to ensuring employees have the information and resources they need to educate themselves.