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Cancer Awareness

It's all about prevention.

WVU is committed to ensuring employees are aware of the major risks to their health and the options they have to prevent them.

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November is National Lung Cancer Awareness Month!

WV Governor Justice has issued the following proclamation:

  • Whereas Lung Cancer is the leading cause of cancer related deaths in West Virginia, killing more people than breast, colon, and prostate cancer combined; and
  • Whereas new lung cancer screening is available for men and women age 55 to 80 years old who have a history of smoking can detect cancer early when it is easier to treat and cure, and
  • Whereas the estimated financial burden of lung cancer to our state is  $233 million per year (Chambers, Christiadi, and Harper, 2018)
  • Whereas awareness, early detection, and treatment are crucial in the prevention and the slowing of lung cancer; and
  • Whereas through public awareness, The State of West Virginia seeks to minimize the devastating effects lung cancer has on all West Virginia citizens.
  • Now, Therefore be it resolved that I, Jim Justice, Governor of the Great State of West Virginia proclaim November 2019 as; Lung Cancer Awareness Month in the Mountain State and encourage all citizens to increase awareness of the risk factors, screening options, and treatment of lung cancer and to offer compassion to those afflicted by this serious disease.

raising awareness.

WVU Employee Wellness is committed to ensuring employees have the information and resources they need to educate themselves.

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Breast Cancer

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Skin Cancer

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