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TIAA Student Loan Forgiveness Program


TIAA and Savi can help.

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Introducing a student loan solution from TIAA.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) is a federal program designed to reduce the burden of student loan debt for people who work in public service. West Virginia University is considered a public service employer for the purposes of these programs.

Simply put, PSLF pairs the immediate relief of an income-driven repayment plan (to make your monthly payments affordable) with the longer-term relief of loan forgiveness. 

TIAA has joined forces with Savi, a social impact technology company, to help WVU employees benefit from forgiveness programs like PSLF. The service helps eligible borrowers to understand their choices, lower their monthly payments, and enroll in a forgiveness program.  

Join an upcoming webinar to find out how you can lower your student loan payments and retire your debt!


You may know TIAA through the WVU retirement plans. While it’s true we want to help you retire successfully someday, we know that retiring your student debt may be a more immediate concern.

TIAA has joined forces with Savi, a company created to help you navigate the complexities of federal income-based repayment plans and loan forgiveness programs designed for employees like you who work in higher education.

You may be able to lower your monthly student loan payments and work toward loan forgiveness. 

Benefits-eligible employees of West Virginia University, including the Keyser and Beckley campuses have access to Savi's two tiers of service that are simple, smart and helpful:

  1. Free Student Loan Checkup: Quickly see your unique repayment plan options and potential savings upon entering your personal information into Savi's tool.
  2. Savi Essential Service: Track payments toward forgiveness and get convenient efiling, on-on-one assistance, reminders and more for a small fee.
If you you pursue public student loan forgiveness (PSLF), you may decide to enlist a concierge service to complete and manage the paperwork for the duration of the program. The annual fee for this optional service is $70.

Try the free calculator to see if you might qualify!


Signing up takes around 15-20 minutes to answer the questions and get your results. The results will show you:
  1. The optimal repayment plan and your estimated monthly savings; and
  2. Whether you qualify for a forgiveness plan, how much could be forgiven and when.
To answer the questions you will need the following:

WVU Savi Program Flyer    Savi Quick Start Guide   Savi FAQs  Register For a Webinar