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Worksite Wellness Coordinators

Crucial to the University’s health promotion efforts are the volunteer worksite wellness coordinators in various buildings, colleges, schools and units. Some have been helping improve employee wellness for a decade or more; others are newly recruited to the cause.

Worksite Wellness Coordinators 

Academic Innovation: Julie Thalman 

Benjamin M. Statler 

College of Engineering & Mineral Resources: Gina Buckhalter  

Center for Black Culture and Research: Jami Christopher 

Center for Service & Learning: TBA

College of Business & Economics: Blair Dowler 

College of Creative Arts: Nina Assimakopoulos 

College of Education and Human Services: Rosemary Hriblan

College of Law: Rosalind Lister 

College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences: Nancy Naternicola and Kimberly Cameon 

Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design: Lindsay Willey 

Department of Intercollegiate Athletics: Shannon Schneider and Cathy Martin 

Design: Eleonore Randolph and Lesa Hunter 

Digital Document and Copier Services: Christine Davis 

Dining Services: Cami McMillen 

Division of Human Resources: Lisa Boyles and Beverly Carter 

Eberly College of Arts & Sciences: 

Biology: Mickey Howell

Chemistry: Brenda Prentiss

Communication Studies: Hannah Ball

Deans Office: Kimberly Nichols

English: Cindy Ulrich

Forensic and Investigative Sciences: TBA

Geology/Geography: TBA

History: Mark Tauger

Mathematics: Joann Mayhew

Multi-disciplinary Studies: Susan Bindernagel

Native American Studies: Bonnie M. Brown

Philosophy, Humanities & Religious Studies: Matthew Talbert

Physics: TBA

Political Science & International Studies: TBA

Psychology: Vee Lewis

Public Administration: Debbie Koon-Friel

Regent’s BA Program: Barbara Griffin

Social Work: TBA

Sociology & Anthropology: Barbara Reiprich

Statistics: TBA

Women’s and Gender Studies: Shelby McClure

World Languages, Literatures, & Linguistics: Twyla Meding

EBO Business Office, Administration and Finance: Trey Wertz

Employee Processing Services: Trey Wertz

Environmental Health & Safety: Mike Trantham 

Extension Service: Emily Murphy 

Facilities Business Office: Trey Wertz

Facilities and Services: Amy Wodzenski 

Facilities Management: (TBA) 

Financial Services: Trey Wertz

Human Performance Lab: James Thomas 

Information Technology Services: Jessica Murphy

Institutional Accounting, Reporting & Analysis: Trey Wertz

Internal Audit: Cheryl Sweder 

International Students & Scholars Services: Kris Bennett

Job Accommodation Network: DJ Hendricks 

Mountainlair: Sonja Wilson 

National Research Center for Coal & Energy: Tracy Novak

News: Eleonore Randolph and Lesa Hunter 

Office of Admissions: Emily Seggie 

Office of Research & Economic Development: Tracye Tennant 

Office of Student Accounts & Revenue Services: TBA 

Office of the University Registrar: Jennifer Schuler

Office of the Vice President of Student Life: Tina Takacs

Planning & Treasury Operations: Cheryl Sweder 

Procurement, Contracting and Payment Services: Trey Wertz

Payroll and Tax Services: Trey Wertz 

Reed College of Media: Brenda Sisler


Purinton House: Lisa Martin

Residential Education: Tiffany Hughes 

Risk Management and Insurance: Trey Wertz

Stewart Hall: TBA

Student Recreation Center: Nancy Bond 

The Daily Athenaeum: Jami Christopher 

University Events: Lisa Martin

Video: Eleonore Randolph and Lesa Hunter 

Visitor’s Center: Eleonore Randolph and Lesa Hunter 

Web: Eleonore Randolph and Lesa Hunter 

WELLWVU: Linda Perry 

WVU Alumni Association: Pam Lyons 

WVU Career Services Center: Kelly Stewart 

WVU Center for Excellence in Disabilities: Helen Panzironi 

WVU Charleston Division: Dr. Raheel Kahn and Dr. John Linton 

WVU Department of Transportation and Parking: Judy Clovis

WVU Health Sciences Campus: David Harshbarger

WVU Tech: Peggy Lambert 

WVU Libraries: Stephanie McCormick 

WVU Police Department: Heather Ruggiero

WVU School of Dentistry: TBA

WVU School of Medicine: Karyn Wallace and Tara Scatterday

WVU School of Nursing: Jane Dailey

WVU School of Pharmacy: Travis White

WVU School of Public Health: Olivia Pape